Design and build in Guelph, ON. LPC Construction relies on a simple quality control formula. We take our time and give our full attention to every home we build. It’s that formula that has allowed us to keep our standards high while focusing on our most important business asset - our client. First we sit down with the client and discuss rough plans and ideas. Once a quote is reached that fits within the client’s budget, our designer draws up the home plans and an accurate quote is provided. From there, the best tradespeople and professionals in the business go to work, building a home that’s functional, beautiful, snug and secure. LPC Construction build homes that provide healthy indoor air quality and comfortable, cost-saving energy control throughout.

Design and build in Guelph, ON
  • To build or renovate your home starting with a complete, detailed and accurate quote.
  • Doing the job in a timely professional manner.
  • Achieving and exceeding your expectations for the job with an experienced team in a cooperative atmosphere.

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